Australian Supplies for 3" Allchin Traction Engine

Model built by Ralph Byles

Allchin Builders Group

A group of chaps from the South Australian Society of Model & Experimental Engineers have been cooperating as they each build a 3" scale model Allchin Traction Engine based on the W.J.Hughes drawings (with a steel boiler)

Having the patterns for the numerous castings and also the jigs to machine these castings, the group can now make the components available to other modellers, either "as cast" or machined. The prices and weights quoted are "as cast", please contact us for the machined details.

We generally have stock in hand for all components. Should we be re-ordering stock the price may vary from those stated.  Some components appear different to the Hughes drawings but are correct to the prototype.

Apart from the gears and other items made by Huntington Engineering, no GST is included as this is our hobby.

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The components we have made are based on the drawings prepared by the late W J Hughes for a 1 1/2 inch model. We have doubled the size and converted to metric We have used a steel boiler . The listings in this catalogue follows the Hughes sheet numbers
Further components will be listed as they become available.  For those interested, we are willing to supply our boiler plans.

One of our group is a certified welder and can fabricate a boiler for you.

 Sheet 1     Tender
 Sheet 2     Hornplates, Spectacle Plate, Front Plate, Bearing Brackets
 Sheet 3     Gearing , Shafts, and Brake Drum
 Sheet 4     Compensating Gear and Hind Wheels
 Sheet 5     Forecarriage, Front Axle, Front Spring, Spud Pan
 Sheet 6     Engine, Valves, Flywheel
 Sheet 7     Trunk Guide, Piston Rod, Crankshaft
 Sheet 8     Reversing Mechanism, Saftey Valves
 Sheet 9     Boiler
 Sheet 10  Smokebox, Chimney, Exhaust Blower
 Sheet 11  Boiler Fittings
 Sheet 12  Steerage, Ashpan, Firegrate, Lubricator
 Sheet 13  Lubrication, Footboard, Toolbox, Guard
 Sheet 14  Governor, Brake
 Sheet 15  Footplate, hose, spuds, levers
 Sheet 16  Front Wheel, General Arrangement, Painting
 Sheet 17  Injector
 Riding Truck